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Winter Sun Table Arrangement

Winter Sun Table Arrangement

While the holiday season is at the door, this winter will be more about staying at home, gathering with close friends at cozy tables. Either a Hannukkah or a christmas dinner, this flower arrangement will shine like a WINTER SUN at your dining table setting.

This flower centrepiece contains, paper pionsettia, little pomegranates and burgundy peony.


Our WINTER SUN floral centerpiece:

• Looks great displayed with our napkin rings and paper flower bouquet with wooden vase from the same table accesories collection.

• are great for wedding table display, thanksgiving table, hannukah dinner, christmas gathering, new year's eve, home office decoration, housewarming or host gifts!  



Diameter of the bouquet: approximately 6.2″ (16 cm)

Height in total: 3″ (8 cm)



The paper we choose to work with is 160-300 gsm. The paper pulp is the same color as the surface, so the line along the cuts are not white.



    Compared to other materials, wood and paper based goods produced in a sustainable manner are more environment-friendly. They come from a renewable resource and are recyclable. Also the papers we use are FSC, PEFC and ECF certified, coming from environmentally conscious, sustainable forests.



    Paper flowers are durable and quiet low maintenance. There are ways you can clean your flowers to look their best. It is also the perfect gift for allergy sufferers or get well soon flowers for patients and newborns in hospitals.

    🌸You can use a dry cloth or a brush to clean your bouquets.

    🌸Although some of the cardstock that we use is UV protected, we don’t suggest exposure to continuous direct sunlight.

    🌸Keep them away from rooms with high humidity like the basements and bathrooms and do not get them wet.


    Please email us if you are interested in price lists.

    Total minimum purchase is 500 American Dollars / 500 Euros. Minimum order quantities are stated for each product.

    Prices do not include shipping, state and local taxes, VAT, import or other government charges or duties where applicable. These charges are the responsibility of the Buyer and the Buyer is responsible for providing tax exemption certificate if applicable. Any bank charges relating to payment transfers and currency exchange are the responsibility of the Buyer. Delivery charges for countries within Europe and the rest of the world depends on the weight of the package.


    👉🏼Who are we? “A! Ne Hoş” is an Istanbul-lite paper art design company, founded by two architects in 2016, we use our creative instinct to pursue something greater by using everyday materials. Our favourite choice of material is paper, a common material for everyone which comprises beautiful contradictions. Numerous colours and textures enable endless designs, yet its 2 dimensional nature resists for voluminous designs. The general expectancy for temporary use of it prevents people from relating the material with the concept of quality. The intended idea is to put together something beautiful to look at and make people consider the value of paper.

    💐Why prefer our paper flowers? Our paper flower bouquets are long lasting and unique gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

    🎁 These artisanal bouquets are everlasting gifts for mother’s day, birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary, housewarming or a new job celebration.

    🎁 It is also the perfect gift for allergy sufferers or get well soon flowers for patients and newborns in hospitals.

    🎁Paper flowers are also an eco friendly and easy maintenance choice compared to fresh flowers.

    ✂️How do we do it? Every single detail is designed by A! Ne Hoş team. The templates, paper flowers and wooden vases are designed by A! Ne Hoş. All the flowers are hand made, attached to wire and gathered as a bouquet with floral tape. We collaborate with women who have to stay home to take care of their children. Thus, they have a chance to earn money by working from home.

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