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Paper flowers and decorations are thriving in the current era of sustainability and unique design. We provide you with unique paper designs in various utilities and sizes to promote your brand. As architects we combine our constructional skills with our creative instinct to pursue something greater by our favorite choice of material.

ꕤ Temporary or fixed decorations for your brand`s events, store display designs, all designed based on your event`s theme.

ꕤ Unique gifts for your customers or employees. If you decide to skip the conventional corporate gifts and surprise your employees and customers with our fresh original and charming options instead.

ꕤ Online/offline workshops for your corporate events for your employees or for your customers. The concept can be designed for the theme of the event.

ꕤ Props and backgrounds for your photoshoots and we can also arrange a photoshoot  with our photographer.

            The paper we choose to work with is EFC, FSC and PEFC certified. The decorations do not have a strong impact on nature.

            The general weight/thickness of the materials are 270gr/m² which ensures long lasting products.


Our first product series and the base of our all designs are our paper flower bouquets with its our own design wood vases. We design and handcraft all our designs to the tiniest detail for a friend who started a new job, people with flower allergies, people who love original designs or someone to brighten her/his day!


With its allergen free and long lasting features, our flowers are ideal for nursery rooms.  And now our bouquets are accompanied by   baby name wreaths, matching theme garlands, cake toppers, hair accessories for moms & babies and party gifts.

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